Give Online

Giving online allows for Credit/Debit or ACH/Bank transfer donations. There are transaction fees for this method so as a donor you can choose to pay the fee up-front as part of your gift or not. If not paying the fee up front then fee will be deducted from the total given to the church. The fees are a percentage of the amount donated and a small per transaction fee.

If donate using ACH/Bank transfer consider sending a check instead. Your bank or credit union may offer “online bill payment” services. While our gifts to God are not paying a “bill” (because Jesus already did that for us), such tools can electronically deliver your offering without your having to write a check or use cash. Set up our church as you would a utility company or doctor’s office. Some of these tools also allow you to create a recurring gift (payment) made automatically, and without fees typically.

Give to Peace Lutheran Church & Preschool - FaithStreet

Give via Mobile Phone App

These feature is coming soon from FaithStreet.

Give By Text Messaging

From your mobile phone text the phrase give2peace to number (646) 832-4848. You will get a response from FaithStreet. Follow the instructions provided in that response.